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Welcome to Crystal Brook

Where better to start your Southern Flinders’ journey than at the first point of the Southern Flinders’ Ranges! The charming town of Crystal Brook effortlessly merges active businesses and community groups with a peaceful, natural setting to create a must-see destination.

Base yourself in Crystal Brook and take day trips to the neighbouring Clare wine region, the mining history of Burra, the waterfront activities of Port Broughton and the arid landscapes of the Flinders’ Ranges. Just two hours’ drive from Adelaide, Crystal Brook is easily accessible for city commuters wishing to escape the hustle and bustle for the weekend.

Council’s Draft Plan

Crystal Brook Town Plan V2.0 2019

There is space on page 3 for comments. Please add your suggestions for the future of Crystal Brook and submit to council by Friday 6th September.

Flinders Ranges A Brush with Art


Bowman Park

13th -23rd September

Open 10-4pm daily

Crystal Brook Institute

14th – 17th September

Open 10-4pm daily

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Free Wi-fi In Bowman Street.

If you need the internet when visiting Crystal Brook, you can connect to CBrookfreeWIFI in Bowman Street “The Main Street”

Here is a map of the Wi-Fi coverage:

Free WiFi in bowman Street